So, this is my blog. Welcome. Yes, I know, it’s about time. I spent the whole first semester in Thailand without posting a single thing. I remain both a wild procrastinator and perfectionist at the same time, so bear with me. Now that I am almost done here in Berlin , I’ve decided to give it another shot.

First of all, I am so thankful for my parents for all they have done to make my year abroad happen. For those of you who don’t know, I am spending my entire junior year at Loyola University Maryland, everywhere but actually at Loyola. I was accepted into two study abroad programs. My first semester was spent in Bangkok, Thailand at Assumption University and the second semester is at Frei Universität in Berlin, Germany.

Since volunteering for three months in Ghana my sophomore year in high school I have always had a hunger for travel. I love taking and editing pictures, experiencing new cultures, making new friends and most importantly eating new foods. All of that and more will be on this very blog, so that you, can travel with me!

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Stay tuned,

❤ xoxo